Future Armoured Vehicles Central Eastern Europe 2017

15th - 16th May 2017
Andel's Hotel
Stroupeznickeho 21, Prague, Czech Republic
SMi Group
Theresa Chung
+44 (0)2078276068

As Central and Eastern European nations continue to develop their land force mobility, fire support and protection, the armoured vehicle remains a vital capability area for development. Future Armoured Vehicles Central and Eastern Europe returns once more this spring to proactively discuss the key challenges and opportunities surrounding the combat vehicle.
With comprehensive support from the Czech MoD, this focused meeting for the mechanised community will aim to proactively discuss the tactics and technologies that will enhance future combat vehicle effectiveness within the Central and Eastern European region. By bringing you latest updates from the Czech Republic, Germany, Lithuania, Latvia, Romania, Bulgaria and US Army Europe, this year’s conference will equip you with the tools to optimise combat vehicles development in this highly active and increasingly important region.

With the aim to provide a bridge between the end users’ needs, procurement and the solution provider, Future Armoured Vehicles Central & Eastern Europe is the perfect platform to facilitate collaboration between the key stakeholders, as well as to gain insight into the very latest active requirements and emerging technology.
Key Focuses:
• Regional strategic updates from land force command and capability development including but not limited to: Austria, Bulgaria, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Slovenia and Turkey
• A key focus on the Czech MoD and development of next generation infantry fighting vehicle, 8X8 and MBT platforms
• An examination of the key combat vehicle capability areas and technologies enabling future lethality, survivability and C4I
• Perspectives and feedback from mechanised operations and multinational training

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