Rosoboronexport Signs Mi-171Sh Procurement Contract

Rosoboronexport, a member of Rostec, signed a contract with Bangladesh’s Air Force for supply of five Mi-171Sh military transport helicopters.

19th Jun 2017

Rosoboronexport Signs

Mi-171Sh Procurement Contract with Bangladesh's AF




Rosoboronexport, a member of Rostec, signed a contract with Bangladesh’s Air Force for supply of five Mi-171Sh military transport helicopters. The signing ceremony was held in presence of the Chief of the Air Staff of the Bangladesh Air Force, Chief Air Marshal Abu Esrar.

“Bangladesh is focused on upgrading the national aircraft pool. We are happy that the state picked Russian high-quality equipment. We signed a contract to supply five Mi-171Sh helicopters to our partners. This is to be implemented in 2018,” said Director General Alexander Mikheev of Rosoboronexport.

The fact that the contract was signed attests to stable high-level cooperation between Russia and Bangladesh. Rosoboronexport delivered Mi-17s, Yak-130 combat-trainers, and armored equipment to the Bangladeshi Ministry of Defense between 2013 and 2016.

“We negotiated with the Bangladesh delegation visiting HeliRussia-2017 late in May this year. Russian aviation equipment piqued the interest of not only representatives of the country’s Armed Forces but other agencies as well. Besides, Rosoboronexport conducts consultations for supply of civilian Ansats and Mi-171s to Bangladesh,” added Alexander Mikheev.

In 2006-2016, no one ever surpassed Russian Mi-17s on the world market of medium utility and military-transport helicopters as far as volume of sales goes. With 800 exported, this helicopter left all its foreign counterparts put together lagging behind.



Rosoboronexport is the only state-owned arms trade company in the Russian Federation authorized to export the full range of military and dual-purpose products, technologies and services. It is a subsidiary of the Rostec Corporation. Founded on 4 November, 2000, now Rosoboronexport is one of the leading world arms exporters to the international market. Its share in Russia's military exports exceeds 85 percent. Rosoboronexport cooperates with more than 700 enterprises and organizations in the Russian defence industrial complex. Russia maintains military technical cooperation with more than 70 countries around the world.


Rostec Corporation is a Russian corporation that was established in 2007 to facilitate the development, production and export of high-tech industrial products designed for civilian and military applications. The corporation comprises over 700 organizations that are currently part of eleven holding companies operating in the military-industrial complex and three holding companies working in civilian sectors. The group also includes more than 80 direct management companies. Rostec's portfolio includes such well-known brands as AVTOVAZ, KAMAZ, Kalashnikov Concern, Russian Helicopters, VSMPO AVISMA, etc. Rostec companies are headquartered in 60 entities of the Russian Federation and supply products to more than 70 countries. In 2015, the consolidated revenue of Rostec reached RUB 1.14 trillion. According to its new strategy, the main objective of the corporation is to ensure that Russia has a technological advantage in highly competitive markets. The corporation plans to invest a total of RUB 4.3 trillion in development through 2025.

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